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Optimal Food Nordic AB

Optimal Food Nordic AB is a Swedish limited company that exports high quality edible oils to Africa; primarily crude and refined sunflower oil as well as Soybean milk powder. Our vision is to revolutionize the African edible oil markets where Ethiopia is our main market and expand to East and west African markets. We create the future that saisfy tomorrow's demand, where our committment to deliver the product the market needs in a responsible way is the highest level of strategic plan we prioritize. We are highly driven entrepreneurs with practical experience from Sweden food processing and manufacturing. Our previous success is the background to value high quality edible oil products to our customers, where our production and packaging process comply International and European food production regulations that include all vital food certifications.

We work diligently to associate our brand with health and wellbeing that enhance quality of life standards; hence we embrace a win-win mutual partnership with our customer.

Comparing the existed edible oils within Africa food market, we possess high standard production processing and packaging quality, where we are absolutely high quality with superior product. Our production process assures our commitment to deliver high quality edible oils because we possess deep understand for food manufacturing and processing. We place product improvement and innovation as main priority in our business execution process. We promote health and wellbeing by providing high quality edible oils. We are adding customer values that create economic value and develops sustainable long-term customer relationship. We operate with accountability and responsibility that characterized by ethical values in order to explore opportunities and satisfy customer needs.

We design our business model to gain competitive advantage in three activities: 1) to be high quality 2) offering competitive price and 3) product availability. To enter the Ethiopian market, we implement an effective, progressive and proactive marketing strategy. We build customer confidence through high product quality. We designed our business model to integrate all activities and resources effectively where customer satisfaction is our ultimate success.

To become the leading edible oil brand, we set out short terms and long-term strategy framework. Our framework has three components; (1) develop customer relationship and partnership with farmers, suppliers and local communities, (2) perform continuous market researches and studies to better understand the demand and changes with the market we operate, (3) establish leadership in our core products. We associate our brand with healthy food consumption; hence we focus on building sustainable long-term customer relationship.

Refined Sunflower oilq

Refined sunflower oil

Ukrainian orgin high quality sunflower oil

Crude Sunflower oil

winterized and deoderized sunflower oil 

offers unrefined oils (sunflower oil, high oleic sunflower oil, rapeseed oil, soybean oil), as well as refined deodorized winterized oils.

Manufacturing plant

Production plant

For safety, we require producers to implement HACCP, ISO 2200, ISO 1900, FSSC 2200 in the production process.

Production process and system that comply local and international standards and regulations